Hipster Diaper Bags

Shopping for hipsters is extremely exhausting. I realized that this morning while sifting through diaper bags online. Shopping for diaper bags is a mission in itself. To find a perfect, unique diaper bag that fits the style of my hipster sister is damn near impossible. I’ve downed four cups of coffee in the pursuit of the most hipster diaper bag on the net. I’d have no problem if I was willing to pay $700 on a diaper bag, but unfortunately my nursing student budget isn’t really into that. I’ve managed to find four bags ranging from $50-$100. The big question is – will the hipster approve?

Here is my sister. She is adorable, in all of her trendiness. Before I buy any of the bags I am going to ask for her approval. No surprises. She is expecting her second baby in a few weeks. This diaper bag is not only going to carry a hell of a lot of dirty cloth diapers and organic toys for her toddler, it is going to be her statement piece. So an approval is necessary!

Here are my top hipster diaper bags under $100. Let’s cross our fingers we get an approval from Laurel.


fe43ddab-f49c-4cf1-b951-c5b903b17dfa_600Bumble Collection, $92.00




il_570xN.251144140Ikabags, $89.00

ZoomImageFramerJJ Cole Mode Messenger Bag, $49.9514443410_130213143000Liz Lange Stripe Bag, $39.95


First Trimester? Welcome to Motherhood.


Recently found out you are pregnant? Congrats! Now begins the beautiful trip of motherhood. Many, many things have to be done in the next nine months to prepare you, your partner and for baby. So what first? Eat well, drink lots of water and exercise. Best three tips I have gotten! 

But, there is a few other things to get done in the first trimester. This list from Parents Magazine will help you get organized and feel less stressed.

1. Find OBGYN.

2. Schedule appointment to check on your baby!

3. Figure out finances and budget.

4. Know what is safe and what is not!

5. Get lots of rest!

Enjoy your pregnancy! 

Best Pregnancy Apps

My iPhone is {almost} my everything. I can’t live without it. And finding new and useful Apps is one of my hobbies. This weekend I found a few great pregnancy apps for all you moms-to-be!

Sprout – this app is amazing! It goes into detail each week of your pregnancy and offers great tools like a hospital check list + more!

I’m Expecting–  I like this app because it keeps track of weight gain. That is important to me to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy.

Newsstand apps- I have mixed feelings about this section of the iPhone/iPad. Some of the magazines are only viewable if you pay for the issue, some come with free browsable older editions of the magazine. Anyways if you are up for buying magazines this is a go-to. Fit Pregnancy is one of my favorites!

Keeping it Local

Countdown to Halloween has begun! Yesterday after picking up the kids from carpool they bombarded me with questions about when they would go trick or treating. It’s almost here! A little less than two weeks. But in the meantime there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas.

25th Spooktacular at the Jacksonville Zoo 

{I went on a date here with Dusty in high school and we went last year. I love it! It isn’t just for little kids :)}

If you live anywhere near Jacksonville Beach, you have heard the Blue Angels practicing. It is amazing. Or at least I think so. {It might not be if it wakes up your sleeping baby} The Air Show is on Saturday so take a drive to beach and check it out.

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze? Yes, please. Conner’s A-Maize-Ing Acres will keep your kids occupied for hours. Perfect for a beautiful, Fall day!

Just for the adults {21 + up} Oktoberfest is tomorrow in St. Augustine.

Happy Friday!!

hello fall!

The weather is so perfect in Florida right now! Every time I open up my Pinterest page it is filled with pictures of boots + scarves. I’m dreaming of the day when I can pull out my boots. 🙂 Apple sent the death email last night giving me the heads up that the good ol’ 2008 Mac Book had seen its last day. A part of me wants to throw a tantrum on the floor and beat myself up for not backing up the last few months of my life..but then again what would that accomplish? Exactly. Lessons learned.

Baby M (my little four-month old I nanny for) is having awful acid-reflux and colic symptoms. They have continued throughout the past couple weeks without any signs of improvement. He was put on Zantac, Nutramigen, and rice cereal. It has been a constant battle for him. Whether he will nap or not is the never-ending question. The good thing about all of this is that he will grow out of it..right? I was talking to a mom yesterday who had a son six-months old with the same symptoms as Mason and they have yet to let up. Two-more months!? Yikes!

To all the moms + nanny’s out there dealing with reflux babies- good luck!

{this quote is just so perfect for me right now}


Coffee Talk

I love Saturdays. I’ve been extremely lazy and drinking my coffee with a Reese Witherspoon chick flick. What could be better?Image

I’m also trying to pretend that when I go outside I can wear boots and a scarf. I’m so ready for cooler weather. I should have moved to another state..considering Florida doesn’t have a fall! 

This week has been hectic! My new little baby that I nanny for has tummy issues. He was born two months premature- I’m not sure how much that has to do with his little digestive system. He is on Alimentum and also takes a prescription for acid reflux. This week the mom started using Colic Calm. It is a natural form of gripe water to help relieve the symptoms of colic and reflux. Maybe it is something he will grow out of. If you ever have the chance to use Colic Calm- beware! It is a black liquid and stains most fabrics. He spits up the dose usually and it goes everywhere! Poor little guy 😦

Happy Saturday! Go Gators! 




Happy Birthday Sister!

It’s my sister’s birthday! Eek! I love Birthday’s. I’m huge on celebrations- and love making it special. The next few months are full of birthdays and I’m excited. But..the pressure is on to make them great. And to get the perfect presents. My sister is mother of two toddlers and working professional- she is a busy mom. I wanted to get her something that fit her lifestyle..Pinterest really helped me out.

Molly is life of the party. She keeps the crowd laughing and loves to tell stories. So I stumbled upon this book, My Quotable Kid, and it is absolutely a great fit for Molly. My niece and nephew are almost at the age where they are spatting out those priceless sayings. Now she’ll have a place to jot down the stories about those two. I hope she likes it!! Happy Birthday big sis! ❤

new places + faces

It’s almost the end of summer- well at least for some of you. Here in Florida, not so much. We have at least a couple more months of hot weather. Boo!

A lot has changed in the last couple of months. Moving to a new city. New job. New Apartment. Moved in with my boyfriend. It all happened so fast and blogging has been put on the back burner in the midst of all this madness. Good madness, but really it has been an adjustment. I’m a nanny for a new family and miss my niece and nephew so much. But who wouldn’t? I had a pretty good life nannying for those two! My new family has a lot to live up to. 🙂

But..change is always good!