Maternity {Photography}

—-> I am a Pinterest addict. I pin ridiculous things that I will never DIY and when I do they usually are a flop. Lately I have tried to pin only the most necessary items. I even went through my boards and cleaned out the random things that I will never attempt to create. It’s 2013- a year of cleansing. My email account(s) are a different matter. I have over 3,000 emails in each of the email accounts that I hold. I tried this morning to sift through and delete but come on- who has time for that. The real question is why the heck did I let it get that out of control? New Years resolution- delete, delete, delete. Unsubscribe from the newsletters that I keep telling myself- oh I will read that when I get the time. Never happens!!

Tomorrow I am going to pretend to be a photographer capturing my sister’s baby bump. She is five-months pregnant. I want to get a few shots of her and my nephew. My medium- a Canon Rebel film camera. I’ve always loved the way film looks and I can’t wait to see what I can get. The backdrop in St. Augustine is perfect so I really can’t screw it up.  I spent my Saturday night on Pinterest- exciting huh? Browsing maternity pictures and getting lost in different blogs and websites. If my models behave I will post some of my pictures later this week.

My {pin}spiration


I love everything about this photoshoot. The bright green wall, striped dress, and the way she is off-centered.




Have you ever seen that show Community? Ok well if you haven’t (and to be truthful- I’ve seen the very first episode on Netflix and gave up after that) but whatever the premise is a lawyer has to go back to a community college to finish up college credits. Funny, right? It’s my life right now. I’m living the ‘Community’ life. And frankly I’m enjoying it. I feel eighteen again. Among the group of young people are your fair share of the random forty year olds still trying to figure it out. I’m totally not the one to judge them. Hell at forty I hope I have the balls enough to go back to school to keep my dream alive.

Ok back the topic. Stay focused! That’s the other thing. This whole new era of being back in the college mind-set at 25 (26 in a month) is making me feel so ADD. I’m loving it. I’m back to myself again. Back to the forty year old in the community college class- they have it all right. They don’t want to let go of their golden years. The days of college were just too damn good for them to let go of. They might have tried the real world for a few years, got married, had children- the whole kit and kaboodle. And BAM. What happened? The realization that the days of sitting in college listening to the professor ramble about history in a chemistry class was actually really awesome. So they enroll in community college. I just figured it all out.

My morning coffee and a realization of what life is really like in community college. This is my last semester (hopefully) before I am in nursing school. It is actually weird saying nursing school. I never imagined I would go to nursing school, it was never a passion for me. But in the last couple of years I just chose it. It’s about time my life revolve around something more than just day-dreaming about lofty entrepreneurial ideas they may never happen or hoping back over to Barcelona to spend the rest of my life. I realized (with the help of unfortunate bank account) that I needed a career path. Nursing seemed fit. The more I am working towards it, the more I am getting excited about it.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

oh and tomorrow- I am taking pictures of my beautiful pregnant sister in St. Augustine. I am going to use a FILM camera. So vintage. Cerca 1995..

New Year

Lately when I sit at the computer my brain freezes. Throughout the day I’ll have so much on my mind unfortunately the only person listening is me. I will end up talking mindlessly to myself. Yes in public. It gets weird. Especially when I catch the glares of random bypassers as I continue to mumble my thoughts outloud as if they weren’t there. New Years Resolution – break this habit. I’m going to get labeled as a lonely cat lady soon.

This year arleady feels tremendously different than 2012. I’m a full time student {yes, again}. I am nannying for my niece and nephew {again}. This time it feels different. I have something I am working for. Nursing school is right around the corner. I can’t wait!

My other New Year’s Resolution is to come back to my business. Appleseed + Sprout needs some TLC. I didn’t give it my all last year. With a refreshed mind I will dive back into it.