hello fall!

The weather is so perfect in Florida right now! Every time I open up my Pinterest page it is filled with pictures of boots + scarves. I’m dreaming of the day when I can pull out my boots. 🙂 Apple sent the death email last night giving me the heads up that the good ol’ 2008 Mac Book had seen its last day. A part of me wants to throw a tantrum on the floor and beat myself up for not backing up the last few months of my life..but then again what would that accomplish? Exactly. Lessons learned.

Baby M (my little four-month old I nanny for) is having awful acid-reflux and colic symptoms. They have continued throughout the past couple weeks without any signs of improvement. He was put on Zantac, Nutramigen, and rice cereal. It has been a constant battle for him. Whether he will nap or not is the never-ending question. The good thing about all of this is that he will grow out of it..right? I was talking to a mom yesterday who had a son six-months old with the same symptoms as Mason and they have yet to let up. Two-more months!? Yikes!

To all the moms + nanny’s out there dealing with reflux babies- good luck!

{this quote is just so perfect for me right now}



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