First Trimester? Welcome to Motherhood.


Recently found out you are pregnant? Congrats! Now begins the beautiful trip of motherhood. Many, many things have to be done in the next nine months to prepare you, your partner and for baby. So what first? Eat well, drink lots of water and exercise. Best three tips I have gotten! 

But, there is a few other things to get done in the first trimester. This list from Parents Magazine will help you get organized and feel less stressed.

1. Find OBGYN.

2. Schedule appointment to check on your baby!

3. Figure out finances and budget.

4. Know what is safe and what is not!

5. Get lots of rest!

Enjoy your pregnancy! 


Best Pregnancy Apps

My iPhone is {almost} my everything. I can’t live without it. And finding new and useful Apps is one of my hobbies. This weekend I found a few great pregnancy apps for all you moms-to-be!

Sprout – this app is amazing! It goes into detail each week of your pregnancy and offers great tools like a hospital check list + more!

I’m Expecting–  I like this app because it keeps track of weight gain. That is important to me to stay healthy throughout the pregnancy.

Newsstand apps- I have mixed feelings about this section of the iPhone/iPad. Some of the magazines are only viewable if you pay for the issue, some come with free browsable older editions of the magazine. Anyways if you are up for buying magazines this is a go-to. Fit Pregnancy is one of my favorites!