DIY Color for {you + your little one}

1. Brighten up your kitchen by giving your wooden spoons a makeover! It’s a funky way to add color to the room and give life to something you already have.

2. These chairs are full of color– and can easily be DIY’ed!

3. Liquid sidewalk chalk is a summer activity must! After your finished bring out the water hose to fully enjoy the afternoon 🙂

4. Have a morning with nothing planned? Try this recipe for Jello Playdough. Take your time when making it and enjoy the finished product!


Summer Shoes for your Little One

Summer is the perfect time of year to dress your mini in adorable one-pieces + accessorize with stylish sandals, flip-flops, and boat shoes. Find your style {and your little one’s} among these great choices for summer.

1. Have a pair of Sperry’s yourself? Why not have one for your infant/toddler as well? And with a color like this- irresistible. Find them here.

2. Take a look at Tea {if you haven’t already}. Be prepared to fall in love Like I did with the flower sandals!

3. Polka-dot’s are a must for summer. Old Navy has several styles for girls + boys, with matching swim-suits. Cute!

4. For summer party’s or the beach- Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoes.