Maternity {Photography}

—-> I am a Pinterest addict. I pin ridiculous things that I will never DIY and when I do they usually are a flop. Lately I have tried to pin only the most necessary items. I even went through my boards and cleaned out the random things that I will never attempt to create. It’s 2013- a year of cleansing. My email account(s) are a different matter. I have over 3,000 emails in each of the email accounts that I hold. I tried this morning to sift through and delete but come on- who has time for that. The real question is why the heck did I let it get that out of control? New Years resolution- delete, delete, delete. Unsubscribe from the newsletters that I keep telling myself- oh I will read that when I get the time. Never happens!!

Tomorrow I am going to pretend to be a photographer capturing my sister’s baby bump. She is five-months pregnant. I want to get a few shots of her and my nephew. My medium- a Canon Rebel film camera. I’ve always loved the way film looks and I can’t wait to see what I can get. The backdrop in St. Augustine is perfect so I really can’t screw it up.  I spent my Saturday night on Pinterest- exciting huh? Browsing maternity pictures and getting lost in different blogs and websites. If my models behave I will post some of my pictures later this week.

My {pin}spiration


I love everything about this photoshoot. The bright green wall, striped dress, and the way she is off-centered.



DIY Photo Canvas

My boyfriend and I have been enjoying our lovely little apartment now for almost three months. The weekends are my DIY time. I’m taking the decorating slow because I want it to be perfect! My latest project was DIY photo canvases. It was the easiest project so far.


Photo {I printed 3 (8x 10’s) at Walgreens}

Canvas to fit the photo

Acrylic Paint {I used black, my pictures are B+W}

Sponge Brush

Mod Podge

Step 1:

Paint the outer edge of the canvas with the paint.

Step 2:

When dry, mod podge the front of the canvas. Place your picture directly on the canvas. Using a cloth (I used a soft sock because it is lint-free) smooth out the picture onto the Mod Podge.

Step 3:

Paint the picture with Mod Podge.

Step 4:

Wait until dry! It’ll be an awesome paint brush look and a super easy project.

The Little Seed

I stumbled upon this awesome online shop, The Little Seed,  that has an abundance of eco-friendly and organic products for little ones. Wooden toys, nail polish, swaddle blankets and gift boxes- this site is your go-to f0r all things eco. I’m in love with the wooden toys. Christmas is just around the corner and I might just start early.

This alligator is perfect for all the Gator fans. Especially my niece who already knows the Gator chomp!

Cake anyone? Pretend play with the real deal!

Bright colors + sorting= learning tools for baby!

Instagram DIY Project

My apartment is finally coming together. This weekend I gave it what it needed: a little TLC. My Pinterest projects have been piling up and I had the time to do them this weekend. At Michael’s this gold frame was half-off so I couldn’t resist picking it up. It goes so great with my mini-prints from

After trying to figure out exactly how to secure the hemp string to the frame – I used a staple gun- which probably wasn’t the most logical solution. But it came out beautiful. If you are like me and have a ton of Instagram prints- print them out via They come in quickly and are so cute.


Saying Goodbye

It has been awhile since I’ve had that wrenching feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling where is seems like someone should be punching you, but it is usually caused by grief or a broken-heart..basically life gone wrong. Today I had that feeling. Those tears that just come unwelcome and at the drop of a dime. I was very thankful for one thing today: that my town offers a woman’s only gym. It is perfect for times of emotional instability! I can only hope that you have one available in your area. It is more acceptable to have a crying fest on the elliptical than at the coed gym. Women just understand!

Today I said goodbye to a very dear friend. A farewell to her and her three girls (and a fourth on the way!) that I have known for nine years. She has been such an amazing influence on my life. Knowing this day was approaching for months..I wanted to do something very special for her. I scoured Pinterest for that perfect gift. Here is what I came up with:



DIY Color for {you + your little one}

1. Brighten up your kitchen by giving your wooden spoons a makeover! It’s a funky way to add color to the room and give life to something you already have.

2. These chairs are full of color– and can easily be DIY’ed!

3. Liquid sidewalk chalk is a summer activity must! After your finished bring out the water hose to fully enjoy the afternoon 🙂

4. Have a morning with nothing planned? Try this recipe for Jello Playdough. Take your time when making it and enjoy the finished product!


Baby’s First Meal

1. Baby Breeza makes preparing food for baby a simple and enjoyable process- with a simple touch of a button. Here are some great baby food recipes to try.

2.Instead of drying your baby utensils on a boring towel- give your counter a little flare with this rack from Boon, Inc.

3. French Bull offers tableware for baby in mod, colorful designs that are unbreakable. {Necessary for little ones!}

4. A super chair from Keekaroo– style & function wrapped in one.