things of the moment

Today marks the first day of my four day break. I have passed my first two classes in nursing school, only 12 more months to go! It’s officially happening now. I’m kind of weirded out because I have extra time on my hands..and not sure what to do with it. Do I actually take a shower, paint my

52dd6260acc2b3381c09910461f3746afingernails and look presentable? Damn. I have time for that the next four days. Unbelievable. Since I started school in January I haven’t had a break. Sitting here this morning browsing Pinterest for hours and drinking coffee was a guilty pleasure. I felt like I should have been doing something way more productive. Reluctantly I let my mind wonder. My niece should making her appearance any day now. My sister is 39 weeks and probably the most gorgeous pregnant girl I have seen. {Except for my other sister who is pregnant too- at almost 21 weeks} I’ll be going back to school next Monday and will most likely miss the birth festivities. SAD FACE. Happy Wednesday! ❤


Hipster Diaper Bags

Shopping for hipsters is extremely exhausting. I realized that this morning while sifting through diaper bags online. Shopping for diaper bags is a mission in itself. To find a perfect, unique diaper bag that fits the style of my hipster sister is damn near impossible. I’ve downed four cups of coffee in the pursuit of the most hipster diaper bag on the net. I’d have no problem if I was willing to pay $700 on a diaper bag, but unfortunately my nursing student budget isn’t really into that. I’ve managed to find four bags ranging from $50-$100. The big question is – will the hipster approve?

Here is my sister. She is adorable, in all of her trendiness. Before I buy any of the bags I am going to ask for her approval. No surprises. She is expecting her second baby in a few weeks. This diaper bag is not only going to carry a hell of a lot of dirty cloth diapers and organic toys for her toddler, it is going to be her statement piece. So an approval is necessary!

Here are my top hipster diaper bags under $100. Let’s cross our fingers we get an approval from Laurel.


fe43ddab-f49c-4cf1-b951-c5b903b17dfa_600Bumble Collection, $92.00




il_570xN.251144140Ikabags, $89.00

ZoomImageFramerJJ Cole Mode Messenger Bag, $49.9514443410_130213143000Liz Lange Stripe Bag, $39.95