Maternity {Photography}

—-> I am a Pinterest addict. I pin ridiculous things that I will never DIY and when I do they usually are a flop. Lately I have tried to pin only the most necessary items. I even went through my boards and cleaned out the random things that I will never attempt to create. It’s 2013- a year of cleansing. My email account(s) are a different matter. I have over 3,000 emails in each of the email accounts that I hold. I tried this morning to sift through and delete but come on- who has time for that. The real question is why the heck did I let it get that out of control? New Years resolution- delete, delete, delete. Unsubscribe from the newsletters that I keep telling myself- oh I will read that when I get the time. Never happens!!

Tomorrow I am going to pretend to be a photographer capturing my sister’s baby bump. She is five-months pregnant. I want to get a few shots of her and my nephew. My medium- a Canon Rebel film camera. I’ve always loved the way film looks and I can’t wait to see what I can get. The backdrop in St. Augustine is perfect so I really can’t screw it up.  I spent my Saturday night on Pinterest- exciting huh? Browsing maternity pictures and getting lost in different blogs and websites. If my models behave I will post some of my pictures later this week.

My {pin}spiration


I love everything about this photoshoot. The bright green wall, striped dress, and the way she is off-centered.



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