New Year

Lately when I sit at the computer my brain freezes. Throughout the day I’ll have so much on my mind unfortunately the only person listening is me. I will end up talking mindlessly to myself. Yes in public. It gets weird. Especially when I catch the glares of random bypassers as I continue to mumble my thoughts outloud as if they weren’t there. New Years Resolution – break this habit. I’m going to get labeled as a lonely cat lady soon.

This year arleady feels tremendously different than 2012. I’m a full time student {yes, again}. I am nannying for my niece and nephew {again}. This time it feels different. I have something I am working for. Nursing school is right around the corner. I can’t wait!

My other New Year’s Resolution is to come back to my business. Appleseed + Sprout needs some TLC. I didn’t give it my all last year. With a refreshed mind I will dive back into it.



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