Katlyn- Marine Wife, Mom to Cy + Raef

When I thought about the characteristics of an inspiring mom, Katlyn popped into my head. For the many years I’ve known her {dating back to elementary school} her sweet and caring demeanor has never changed. Her role as a Marine wife is an inspiration to many moms. She was kind enough to do an interview for Appleseed + Sprout and offer a little insight on her role as a wife and mom.

Photography by Matt Whytsell Photography 

Welcoming Baby Raef

The best parts of being a military wife {and the most challenging parts}?

The bond with the other Marine wives is one of the best parts. You are able to relate to each other because you experience the same challenges and day to day military life. You learn to make best friends fast, and saying goodbye is hard when it’s time to move on to the next duty station. The most challenging aspect for me is moving frequently and unexpectedly. 

How do you handle deployment with two young sons {Cy – two years old} and Raef {3 months old}?

This duty is much harder than the first deployment. The first deployment I was pregnant with Cy and I was busy in school. Not being able to communicate often was stressful, but I kept myself busy. 

Although he’s not in a war zone now, this separation is much harder because of our boys. He left for Japan when Cy was 18 months old and I was 15 weeks pregnant. Now Cy 2 and at a very curious stage. I remind Cy constantly about Clint and try to involve Clint in everything we do. We got Cy the Daddy Doll, and it really helped him adjust to Clint being gone the first few months. Even in times that it isn’t convenient for our schedule, we try to talk to him twice a day. It is so important for Cy and Raef to see Clint and to hear his voice each day. 

Advice for other military wives who are enduring their first deployment and time away from their husbands?

Distance is hard, but with time and experience you learn to handle it your own way. Clint and I know what works for us. We’ve gone months with only hand written letters, months without any communication at all, and I think we’d both agree it was at those time we felt the closest. Over time, you’ll know what is best for you and your husband. Don’t doubt your love when he’s not able to remind you, focus on the good times and him returning home.


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