Floridian at Heart {Nursery Inspiration Board}

When I found out that Tangerine Tango was the Pantone Color of the Year for 2012, I was thrilled! As a third generation Floridian I navigate towards the bright spectrum of the color wheel. Tangerine is a bold color choice but for a child’s area it allows for creativity and a play on colors.

Enjoy this fun bright-colored nursery board!

1. Florida vintage prints get me every time. The word vintage + Florida flare and I’m sold. Find this little gem on Ebay- quick before it’s a goner!

2. Perfect pillow for your little sunshine.

3. Pop of color with these spectacular curtains from Urban Outfitters.

4. Show a little love for your babes birth state with these personalized prints from Rooted in Paper.

5. Can’t have a bright-colored room without an extremely bright-colored mirror! That would just be unfitting! Find this mirror {available in multiple colors} from Rosenberry Rooms

6. Tangerine shag rug- of course! Also found at Rosenberry Rooms.

7. I love the Sparrow crib by Oeuf because of its contempary and natural look. Why it’s a favorite it transitions into a toddler bed making it worth the investment!


2 thoughts on “Floridian at Heart {Nursery Inspiration Board}

  1. I absolutely adore you blog, I am not a mother, nor am I expecting – but the first impression of your blog is impressive. The theme you’ve chosen and the delicate content are really great – keep up the good work! LA xoxo

    • Thank you!! I just checked out your blog as well. I love it. I’m obsessed with SATC- I watched it pretty much every night so that post got me! Good luck with your blog and thank you stopping by and saying hello.

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